Pro recording & mixing studio founded in 2014 by FRENCH musician and producer Joakim, located in Brooklyn, New York, USA.


Best of the analog world

Crowdspacer Studio is built around a rare Wunder Audio Wunderbar. The 24ch all analog console is real state of the art and one of the best consoles ever built, loaded with 24 PEQ2 preamps providing a warm, punchy, creamy sound (think 60s Neve 1073 and Helios), powerful and extremely musical 3 band parametric EQs, 4 auxes and 3 buses with different output transformers for a variety of sound signatures (Master bus is Wunder-based, Bus 1/2 is Neve 1172 style and Bus 3/4 has API type transformers). The rest of the studio features some of the best analog hardware (GML EQs, Pultec, Neve compressors, Chandler, API Eqs, Telefunken EQs and Preamps, EMT plate reverb etc...) and a mint Studer A80 RC master tape recorder to go full analog in the mixing process if that's what you're looking for. 


A synth heaven


One major strength of Crowdspacer Studio is its extensive collection of synths and drum machines from all the legendary brands (ARP, Sequential Circuits, Moog, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, PPG, Linn etc.) that makes it the perfect place to record electronic music, experiment or add a synth touch to other genres such as Rock, Pop or Jazz. Besides synths, samplers and drum machines, Crowdspacer Studio offers a large variety of pedals, multi-effects, reverbs, weird machines and amps to really sculpt any sound you have in mind.


Plug & Play


Every space of the studio is connected to the control room, you can put an instrument in the lobby to get that nice high-ceiling brick-wall reverb, in the control room for a more controlled dry sound, in the live room for a little balanced reverb, in the drum/vocal booth for super dry 70s style sound or even in the technical closet. Everything is easily hooked up from the patchbay. The synths and drums machines are also ready to record through their own patchbay and thanks to multiple DIs. Our goal is to help the artist focus on the music, the actual performance and recording rather than spend time hooking up gear and moving things around. Crowdspacer Studio is designed for classic full band live recording as well as complex analog synths set ups with multiple syncing options.