Crowdspacer NYC a la carte

Crowdspacer NYC offers a wide range of flexible services for all sorts of musicians needs. Whether you are a Grammy winner mixing engineer, an all-live instrument band or a House music bedroom producer, we've got you covered.

Modular ARP2600, OSCar synthesizer, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and LinnDrum.

The Synth Sessions

In these days of major democratization of music production through softwares like Ableton Live and Plug Ins, the way to make a sonic difference often comes with the tools you're using. Unfortunately those cult synthesizers have become so expensive that only a lucky few people can afford owning them. Well, you don't need to rob a bank anymore, come record all your synths and beats parts at Crowdspacer NYC using our huge collection of synthesizers, drum machines and other weird electronic toys. Almost every synth in the studio is Midi or synced to our DAW. Just bring your session or midi files and record your parts with the best sound you'll ever get. 

Some of our racks of outboards, compressors, EQs, Reverbs, Delays. Lexicon, Chandler, Distressor, Urei, Space Station...


With an extensive list of outboard mixing gear and a rare state-of-the-art Wunderbar mixing console, it's going to be hard to mess up a mix. The super precise PMC ABL1 monitors will be there to tell you otherwise. And to feel at home we have a pair of the classic NS10 coupled with a Bryston 3B amp, as well as an Avantone speaker to check those "radio" mixes.

Out 60s Pearl Oyster Ludwig drum kit, Orange cabinet, Marshall and Fender amps...


You can also rent the full studio to record bands or classical chamber orchestra if you will. The large microphone and preamps collection guarantee you will capture that sound you always dreamed of.