The Synth Sessions

First of all, let's make it clear : no plug-in will ever replace the feel and sound of a real synth. You can get pretty damn close, but as close as a frozen pea can get to a fresh spring pea. At Crowdspacer NYC we collected synths, drum machines and all sorts of effects for 20 years (see list below).

Today you can rent the studio by the hour to record all your dream analog sounds or replace your demo plug-ins. It's all plug and play, almost every synth is Midi, or clock synced, connected to our DAW or your laptop with just a patch cable - no messy cabling, going through the best DIs available (Reddi, Avalon, Phoenix Audio...), through the best cables, to high end Analog to Digital converters (Lavry). Because it's not just about using expensive synths, it's also about capturing their sound in the best possible way.

So bring your midi files, your Ableton, Logic or ProTools sessions and start to jam! 


Our collection


ARP2600 : Arp's response to Moog's modular in the 70s, this is one of the best semi-modular synths ever made. Like a Stradivarius of synths. You can get close to its peculiar tone even with the Eurorack clone modules. Think Edgar Winter.


Casio CT-670 : at Crowdspacer we are not snobs and this $100 sits proudly next to expensive ones and gets used a lot. There's something about the low definition digital sounds on this synth, the pianos, the strings. They just sound amazing. Think Derrick May.

Casiotone 610 : beautiful organ, string and keyboard sounds come out of this pretty early Casio synth. Think Moby.


SP1200 : THE legendary sampler and drum machine from the 80s used on countless early hip hop and house productions. Everything just sounds better through its dirty 12bit converters. Think Public Enemy and Todd Terry.


EPS16+ : a classic sampler from the 90s. Ensoniq were famous for the fat sound of their samplers as opposed to the cripiness of Akai competitors at the time. Think Wu-Tang.


Custom modular : our modular setup includes modules by Cwejman, Macbeth, Analogue Systems, Make Noise, Verbos, Intellijel, Tip Top Audio, Metasonix etc.


Polysix : a very underrated polyphonic synth, extremely versatile, very fat, with a great basic arpeggiator and built in chorus effects. Somewhere between a Prophet and a Juno, sort of. Our is midi. Think John Carpenter.

MS20 : the most "Rock N Roll" synth in our collection. The MS20 can be played like a guitar with its wild double filter. The classic industial/EBM synth. Think Liaisons Dangereuses.

Poly800 : the Poly800 has its own unique flavor, a personal favorite for deep pads and organ style sounds. Blends amazingly with other synths. Think Larry Heard.

M1 : one of the most iconic digital synth/workstation from the late 80s / early 90s. It's got all the best New Age sounds. And more. Think Kitaro.

Linn Electronics

LinnDrum : THE Prince drum machine. Also the Human League drum machine. Also....


Midi Moog : the Midi Moog was made from original Model D boards cut to fit a rack case and customized with additional functions like Midi, assignable velocity and modulations. Basically a vintage Moog Model D on steroids. Think Herbie Hancock.

Oxford Synthesiser Company

OSCar : a rare synth from 1983 that combines classic analog subtractive synthesis with the weirder additive synthesis. Totally unique, with an insane double filter, this beast has a lot of character! Ours is midi and once belonged to our hero Conrad Plank! Think Orbital.


PPG wave 2.3 : an incredibly great sounding hybrid analog (filter) and digital wavetable synth. It's hard to compare it to anything else as it is so unique. Play it in quad mode, with 4 voices on each note, it will sound HUGE. Think Trevor Horn.


TR808 : no introduction needed. Think Sexual Healing.

TR909 : The techno drum machine. No clone ever came close. Think Jeff Mills.

TR606 : the best hi hats in the drum machine game? Think Minimal Synth.

TB303 : there would be no Acid without the TB303. Originally made as a bass synth to accompany lonely drummers, this was totally diverted from its original purpose by Chicago house producers who turned this instrument into the most recognizable techno sound ever. Think DJ Pierre.

SH2 : the response of Roland to the Mini Moog?? Maybe not, but it's how we see it. It's like a SH101 (which came later) but fatter and more analog sounding. Think Eurythmics.

RS09 : a string and organ analog synth by Roland. Super lush sounds. Think Terry Riley (for the organ sounds) and The Cure (for the string ones).

JV1010 : in the same vein as the Korg M1, typical sounds from the early 90s, strings, pads, weird effects, pianos etc. 

Sequential Circuits

Prophet 5 : the workhorse. One of the best sounding and most versatile analog synth ever, capable of doing everything, from tight fat bass lines to lush strings, from crazy weird FXs to deep organ sounds. Ours is midi. Think Depeche Mode.


Clap Trap : the clap trap does claps. It's the only clap machine we know of. And it's pretty awesome at claps. Think Italo Disco.

SDS1 : a pad with interchangeable Eproms, which means you can put any of the dozen of Eproms we have (with classic sounds such as DMX clap, Simmons Snare, Linn Sn etc) and play around with the pad pitch/glitch functions. Think Severed Heads.


TX816 : the "monster" FM synth. Basically like 8 DX7s in one rack (7 in our case). With a slightly bigger and more hifi sound. Think Michael Jackson.

RX5 : a classic 80s drum machine, when they tried to add more "real" sounds, as opposed to the 808s and other non sample based drum machines. Think Pet Shop Boys.

CX5M : The CX5M was an early Yamaha FM synth built into an MSX computer. Think Derrick May.

VSS200 : a super fun cheap FM keyboard with a built in microphone sampler. Don't underestimate this cutie.

Other synths & drum machines

Access Virus : the original Virus, this classic 90s virtual analog synth, with its agressive sounds perfect for techno. Think Nine Inch Nails.

Akai S612 : One of Akai's very first sampler. Extremely simple workflow and hands on controls on the front panel make it a super fun instrument to play with. Also, we love that oldschool 12bit grain.Think Farley Jackmaster Funk.

Dave Smith Tetra : you can get some quite thick amazing analog sounds from this tiny 4 voice polyphonic synth thanks to the wonderful classic Curtis filters among other crazy modulations possibilities.

Star Instruments Synare : a drum pad that is a synth. Or a synth that is a drum pad... very wild. HUGE sound, insane filter. Think Sly & Robbie.

Tama Techstar TS204 : a simple 2 sounds drum module that connects to pads or Midi. A synth Kick that you can tweak a lot and nice 808 style clap.


Modulation : MuTron Biphase, Roland Flanger SBF-325, Ibanez Flanger FL301, Ibanez UE405 rack, Ibanez Overdrive, Jomox T-Resonator, Schaller Flanger, Death By Audio fuzz, Dynacord Leslie Simulator...

Delays : Binson Baby Echorec, Dynacord tape delay, Aria ADD-100, PCM42, Ibanez AD-9...

Reverb : Master Room Spring XL-210, KNAS Spring reverb, AMS RMX16, PCM70...